About Us

Dr. Neelam Maheshwari earned her bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery at Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Medical College, Jaipur. Since then, she has continued her studies, training for implants, cosmetics, periodontal therapy, and many other general dentistry procedures. She also has certification to AAIID from American Academy of Implant Dentistry. She has been serving for last 15 years. She has also done various presentations at National and State Level.

Welcome Area

Welcome Area is designed in such a way that the patient is relaxed, conveying the level of care and treatment that he can expect from the dentist and her staff. This builds the patient’s’ confidence and helps to redefine the expectation from the dental office. Walls are adorned with paintings or pictures of high quality to create an appropriate image. Soft boards with fresh display and decorations, either festive or pertaining to news items regarding the clinic and its activities in the field of dentistry, make the atmosphere lively and interesting. A variety of reading material relevant to the type of clientele is selected and replaced periodically. Additionally, a television helps to ease the patient’s tension regarding the appointment thereafter.

Patient Education Area

The education areas have visual aids like charts, books, video tapes and computer programs for patient information. Photographs of cases completed by the office and other brochures on dental problems and oral health maintenance serve as effective tools in alleviating patient apprehension. They help to solve certain queries that would otherwise be pending clarification in the minds of patients. This education area is usually well clubbed with the welcome area and serves good informative material whilst the patient awaits his turn.

Treatment Area

Treatment Area is designed carefully to make the patient feel comfortable and secure. In case of multiple operatories, the rooms are well separated from each other so that the patient does not feel exposed to other patients. Windows help to increase the depth of the room while providing the patients with an outside view. Light music helps to divert the patient’s mind from the ongoing procedures.