Our Course


Module Topics Time
1 Basic Dentistry, Including Steriligation, Endodontic Including Rotary. Apex Locator, Laser, Management of post obturation pain. Post and core, coronal Rstoration of Rct treated tooth.
2 Remaining Endo Topics , with Hands on For Endo.
3 Periodontics & Esthetics including laminate Veneer Preparation. Introduction of implants. All type of Restoration.
4 Clinical pedodontics, Dental Emergencies in dental othice, oral medicine.
5 Basic Applied surgery, Surgical Instrument. Complication & managements.
6 Prosthetics including Treatment.Planning for full month.Rehabilitation, Crown Preparation.Retraction cord. Crown Lengthening.
7 Problem solving class/verbal Assisment