According to conventional implant technique, implants are placed on the part of jaw that is less hard. After that, it takes too long to get the bone fixed rigidly. But, the time has changed and now, the cortical implants come into picture. Basically, it works on the concept of orthopedics. In this procedure, the implant is to be fixed on the hard part of the bone or in jaw. And, then new tooth has been fixed over it. Accordingly, the new tooth will be fixed at its appropriate position within 72 hours.

How are Dental Implants Beneficial?

It is a dental technique without any kind of surgery. It is purely incision-less method that won’t cause much pain, swelling, and bleeding. Even, if any of the patients suffer from pyorrhea, then the effected tooth can be replaced with dental implants. Although it takes three days but, it wipes out the disease completely.

Maheshwari Dental Clinic encompasses all latest appliances and methodologies to treat all kinds of teeth problems. Whether it’s about the entire denture or just one tooth, our dental implants procedures are the solutions that you are looking for.

  • It is possible to replace removable dentures with permanent dentures using dental implants .
  • The affected bone of a patient is removed in conditions of jaw cancer. But, it is possible to fix permanent tooth at the hard bone around that affected area with longer dental implants. A patient can easily eat and drink using that tooth.
  • Titanium roots that are placed in jaw for Osseointegration to give your tooth, look alike all other natural teeth.
  • Our surgeons and dentists have expertise and years of experience with knowledge to fix your tooth safely and fast.
Look like Natural Teeth
Our Dental Implants never disappoint our patients. We provide you such implants that will look like a natural tooth, which is bonded with the jawbone perfectly. We assure that you will get your natural smile back that once you had.
Teeth are very sensitive organ of body, and tooth decay or lost leads to adverse effect. That’s why, our dental implants are fixed in a way that will give you the same sense as other teeth have. You will have feel like a natural tooth.
Once the dental implants get fixed, you can eat and drink any eatables and beverages immediately. Likewise, the natural teeth function, our dental implants will perform the same without any difference and tooth problem.