Yes, we are “unique” and offer this “unique” Neuromuscular Dentistry solution to give a perfect smile to all our patients. We have a specific team of dentists, especially trained in neuromuscular dentistry. Our neuromuscular experts take a deep analysis of all the signs and symptoms of tissues, muscles, joints, and then discover a perfect approach to position the misalignment of jaws perfectly.

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Neuromuscular Dentistry is an approach that focuses on the correction of misalignment of jaws. It actually causes due to “bad bite” or in dental terms, it is referred to as pathologic occlusion. We at Maheshwari Dental Clinic feel fortunate enough to have skilled neuromuscular specialists to offer the right treatment to the patients. Our neuromuscular dentists or orthodontists find out the real position of misalignment to make upper and lower teeth come together. We understand the pain and embarrassment behind this problem. Hereby, we have come up with the dental solutions to lessen stress and pain from joints/ jaws disorder. Just a call for an appointment and you will get the relaxation from pain and misalignment of jaws.

  • If the pain is generated in jaw, shoulders, neck, or you suffer from frequent headaches and migraines, don’t ignore them. Contact us without any delay.
  • May be the above symptoms plus clicking jaws are the core symptoms to be included in the practice of neuromuscular dentistry. Call our experts today.
  • Our neuromuscular dentists perform a thorough analysis over jaws joints, muscles, as well as teeth, and diagnose positioning and functioning of jaws.
  • Instead of treating just a tooth or muscle, we analyze the entire problem, hunt the origin of any dysfunction (jaw or teeth), and then provide the treatment.
Integrated Therapy of Muscles, Joints, Teeth
Neuromuscular Dentistry is a complete combination of teeth, muscles, and jaws joints. And, Maheshwari Dental Clinic has the team who has expertise in this discipline. We provide the ultimate treatment that alleviates all pain and stress in jaws.
We are honored to embrace the specialist team of neuromuscular dentistry with knowledge of all fundamentals of this discipline. With this unique approach, our goal is to offer you the complete relief from pain and to align the jaw position appropriately.
We are a Rajasthan based innovative dental clinic with a group of skilled and experienced dental surgeons, neuromuscular dentists, and orthodontists with notable experience. We assure that you will only receive trust and quality at our dentistry center.